Millicent Borges Accardi is an NEA recipient with two poetry collections forthcoming: Injuring Eternity (Mischievous Muse 2010), and Only More So (Salmon Poetry 2012).

Rae Armantrout's book Versed received the 2010 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry.

Susan Bee is a painter, editor, and book artist who lives in New York City.

Lynn Behrendt's book petals, emblems is forthcoming (Lunar Chandelier Press 2010), and she co-edits Annandale Dream Gazette and Peep-Show Poetry.

Celia Bland teaches at Bard College, and has recent work in the American Poetry Review and Fifth Wednesday.

Julian T. Brolaski is the author of gowanus atropolis (Ugly Duckling 2011).

An interview with Elizabeth Bryant is forthcoming in Jacket Magazine.

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett is a UK-based interdisciplinary poet with a focus on experimental writing and performance.

Jodi Chilson's work appears in Siar, Left-Facing Bird, and Slope 47, and she is managing editor of Ahsahta Press.

Sarah Anne Cox is the author of Arrival (Krupsaya 2002) and Parcel (O Books 2006).

Emily Critchley read her PhD in the poetry of Leslie Scalapino, Lyn Hejinian, Rosmarie Waldrop and phenomenology at the University of Cambridge, and Creative Writing at the University of Greenwich.

Michael Cross is the author of In Felt Treeling (Chax Press), and editor of Atticus/Finch Chapbooks.

Anne Gorrick is the author I-Formation (Book II) (Shearsman, forthcoming), and curates the reading series Cadmium Text.
K. Lorraine Graham is the Author of Terminal Humming (Edge Books) and lives in San Diego with her partner, Mark Wallace, and Lester Young, a pacific parrotlet.

Among Lyn Hejinian's many published works is a volume titled Sight, written in collaboration with Leslie Scalapino. Hejinian and Scalapino were at work on Hearing, a second book on the senses, at the time of Scalapino's death.

Laura Hinton is the author of Sisyphus My Love (To Record a Dream in a Bathtub) (BlazeVox 2009).

Brenda Iijima’s book, If Not Metamorphic was published by Ahsahta Press in 2010.

Philip Jenks has published two books of poetry, three chapbooks, and began writing poetry and went to Reed College largely due to Leslie Scalapino.

Megan Kaminski is the author of two chapbooks: Across Soft Ruins (Scantily Clad Press 2009), and The Prairie Opens Wide (La Ginestra, forthcoming).

Ruth Lepson is poet-in-residence at the New England Conservatory, and has been liberated often from reading Leslie Scalapino.

Dana Teen Lomax is currently writing Shhh! Lullabies for a Tired Nation, as well as editing an anthology of experimental work for kids.

Kristi Maxwell is the author of Hush Sessions (Saturnalia Books 2009), and Realm Sixty-four (Ahsahta Press 2008).

Joyelle McSweeney edits Action Books and teaches at the University of Notre Dame.

Eileen Myles lives in New York, and is the author of inferno (a poet’s novel).

Jena Osman's book The Network was selected for the 2009 National Poetry Series and will be published by Fence Books in November 2010.

Deborah Poe is the author of Elements (Stockport Flats Press 2010), and fiction editor of Drunken Boat.

Richard Price is the author of Lucky Day and Rays, and editor of the magazine Painted, spoken.

Stephen Ratcliffe’s most recent book is Conversation (Bootstrap 2010). He lives in Bolinas, CA and teaches at Mills College.

Marthe Reed is the author of Gaze (Black Radish Books 2010) and the director of the Creative Writing Program at University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

Michael Rerick, author of In Ways Impossible to Fold and X-Ray, lives and teaches in Tucson, AZ.

Judith Roitman's book No Face: Selected and New Poems was published in 2008 by First Intensity Press.

Sarah Rosenthal is the author of Manhatten (Spuyten Duyvil 2009).

Linda Russo’s poetry collections include Mirth (Chax Press 2007), and o going out (Potes & Poets, 1999).

Heidi Lynn Staples is the author of three poetry collections, including a dew (Ahsahta 2013).

Adam Strauss lives in Las Vegas, and has poems forthcoming in Upstairs At Duroc and the Parthenon West Review.

Jennifer Styperk has poetry in Denver Quarterly, The Texas Observer, There, and forthcoming in Open City.
Elizabeth Treadwell is the author of 5 books of poetry.
Rachel Zucker is the author of six books and the mother of three sons.