Post the list of people we've asked and list of people we've heard from who've promised stuff. Actual received stuff can go on the "Contributions" page.

People who have submitted
Millicent Borges Accardi (poem)
Rae Armantrout (brief statement)
Susan Bee (memorial and image)
Lynn Behrendt (poem)
Celia Bland (essay)
Julian Brolaski (poem)
Elizabeth Bryant (interview for Dusie 8)
Elizabeth-Jane Burnett (poem)
Jodi Chilson
Sarah Anne Cox (brief statement)
Emily Critchley
Michael Cross
Anne Gorrick (poem)
Laura Hinton (article on Leslie...Invasion of the Body Snatchers, etc.) (going to revise) - Publish as is? EB 8/20
Philip Jenks (short appreciation)
Megan Kaminski (essay I think)
Ruth Lepson (interview with Leslie Scalapino and Lyn Hejinian)
Dana Teen Lomax (essay)
Kristi Maxwell (short essay/appreciation)
Joyelle McSweeney (essay)
Eileen Myles (appreciation)
Jena Osman (essay)
Deborah Poe (poem from Poets for Living Waters)
Richard Price (poem)
Stephen Ratcliffe (appreciation and letters)
Marthe Reed (short essay/appreciation)
Michael Rerick (essay)
Judy Roitman (short essay/appreciation)
Sarah Rosenthal (excerpts from her interview)
Linda Russo
David Shapiro (brief letter from LS)
Heidi Lynn Staples (poem)
Adam Strauss (poem)
Jennifer Styperk (poem)
Rachel Zucker (recording of poem)

People to ask

People we have asked

People who have promised things

David Buuck (wrote to inquire -- CW 8/17)
Tracy Grinnell -- excerpts from How Phenomena Appear to Unfold, and something from her (wrote to inquire -- CW 8/17)
Elizabeth James and Frances Presley (portion of collaborative poem inspired by Leslie) (wrote to inquire -- CW 8/17) (not sure this one will happen -- if Frances gets in touch, then we can use. Got a note from Elizabeth thus: "If you do include an extract, can you add a credit, First published by Form Books, London, 1999."
Brenda Iijima (will send by Saturday 8/21 -- CW 8/18)
George Quasha
Carlos Rowles